Miscellaneous Units

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chicken, deer, dolphin, eagle, elephant, fish, flies, giraffe, goat, hippo, horse, ostrich, shark, tiger, vermin, walrus,
and wolf.

Military Units (only available in scenarios/campaigns)^
Note also, only unit names given, since they are campaign/scenario only units
game roles may vary depending on how they are used.
This page is done more to show the extra units that you may not see
if you only play random map or multiplayer type games.
Many units do not appear in the campaigns that ship with Empire
Earth and The Art of Conquest Expansion pack.

Advanced Mining Unit*, Albatross D.V. Fighter, Artifact, Ashikagu Arquebus, Black Robe, British Infantry,
Cargo Plane, Cargo Truck, Catalina*, Catapult Ship - Bronze, Catapult Ship

Celtic Warrior*, Centurion*, Child (I - III), Child (IV - V), Child (VI - IX), Child (X - XV), Chinese Infantry,
Companion Cavalry, Court Jester (Gollet), Dauntless*, Diplomat (I - III), Diplomat (IV - V), Diplomat (VI - IX),
Diplomat (X - XV), Dune Patrol*, Egyptian Warrior*, Engineer, F-80 Fighter/Bomber, F-86 Fighter, FW 190 Fighter

Gallic Warrior*, German Infantry, German Machine Gun, Golden Hind, Huskarl, Incan Warrior, Japanese Carrier*,
Japanese Zero*, LST*

ME 110 Bomber, MiG-15 Fighter, Mining Unit*, Moorish Cavalry, Moorish Infantry, P-38 Lightning,
Persian Immortal, Radio Man*, Riot Police*, Roman Legionnaire*, Roman Senator*, Royal Guard, Samurai, Senator*

Shock Trooper, Sopwith Triplane, Spanish Cavalry, Spanish Infantry, Spy, Staff Car, Standard Bearer*,
Trojan Horse, UFO, Yamato Capitol Ship*, Zeus II

Heroes that are only available in scenarios/campaigns^
These are heroes that don't appear in regular games and are for campaign/scenario play.

Titus Labenius*, Achilles, Gaius Marius*, Greek Captain*, Hierakles, Pericles, Sulla*, The Pope, Black Prince,
El Cid, Tariq, William on Foot, Duke of Wellington, Manfred von Richtofen in Plane (Red Baron),
Hauptmann Durer/Prophet Durer, German Officer, "Bulldog" Ramsey*, Lt. Stock*, Black Robe Officer,
Grigor Stoyanovich, Grigor II (Command Unit), General Bhuta Kwai*

* denotes unit/building only available in the Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest add-on pack.
^ denotes unit/building only available in campaign/scenario play.

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