Miscellaneous Buildings^

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Arc Light, Bamboo Gate*, Bamboo Tower*

Bamboo Wall*, Barbed Wire

Buckingham Palace

Buddha Statue, Castle Keep, Castle Walls & Towers, Computer, Control Panel, Crate*

Eiffel Tower, Espionage Headquarters, Flag, FTL (Faster Than Light) Research Center*, Gas Light

Greek Ruins, Hot Springs, Hydroponics Lab*, Iwo Jima Statue #1*, Iwo Jima Statue #2*, Lighthouse,
Maoi Statue, Minaret

Missile Base (XI - XIII), Missile Base (XIV - XV), Mosque, Mounted Statue, Naval Mine*, Nike Statue,
Obelisk*, Oil Drum*

Olmec Statue, Pagoda, Pillbox, RADAR Center, Sandbag #1*, Sandbag #2*, Street Lamp, Tank Barrier


Tar Pit, Tent, Time Machine, Tower of London, Tumbleweed

* denotes unit/building only available in the Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest add-on pack.
^ denotes unit/building only available in campaign/scenario play.

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