Map Type

Best viewed in 800x600 or higher resolution

There are 7 types of maps in the original Empire Earth plus an additional
5 more map types added in the Art of Conquest Expansion for a total
of 12 different map types. I am only going to give general descriptions
as to what the map types are and what they contain.

Note: * indicates a map type available ONLY in the
Art of Conquest Expansion.

First is the Continental map type

The Continental map type is mainly a land map with water around
the outside of the map. This is a general all around map type.

Next is the Highlands map type

No water but a few mountains and such. A total land map.

The Large Islands map type

I think large islands best describes this.

The Mediterranean map type

This is a map with water in the center and land all around
the center.

The Plains map type

All land map, so no water here. And not much elevation on this map
either. Pretty flat ground but not totally flat.

The Planets Earth map type *

A round area of land surrounded by space. Sort of like
a Space Continental type map.

The Planets Large map type*

Hard to see in this picture, but there are two large sized
planets separated by space between them (the lower left is
brown colored and the upper right is dark blue colored
but colors vary on the maps).

Planets Mars map type*

Uses the new Mars textures that replaces trees with carbon.
Pretty much like the Planets Earth map in design but uses the
new mars textures.

Planets Satellite map type*

Sort of like a space version of the islands map with a twist.
There is a planet in space between the other planets making
for a kind of strategic "king of the planet" type game to control
the strategic middle satellite(s)/planet(s).

The Planets Small map type*

Picture is hard to see but I hope the concept is clear. Small planets.

The Small Islands map type

Small islands.

Finally, the Tournament Islands map type

A few islands separated by water. This map seems to
be more equally seprated with water than the other island
type maps. A sort of strategic "king of the island" type
map game since controlling the central islands is a key
factor in a Tournament Islands game.

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